Time out in Gambia (Westafrica)

There are periods in life when we feel the need to decelerate, dump ballast, refuel our batteries. To rediscover life in the Now, Gambia is the ideal place for it.

From the very first day, you will be surrounded by friendly faces, strange smells and colors, other sounds and above all a different sense of time. In this new environment you immediately forget the everyday life, leave your stress level and are completely with yourself.

On demand

A break is something very personal.

In order to know what is important to you, what you expect or are looking for, I would like to exchange ideas with you in advance.


Please send me an email and write me how you would like to be reached.

Life on an farm

The farm with about 7 hectares is currently under construction. The goal is to create a teaching farm where young Gambians learn how to develop their own land and generate income.

Currently 400 orange trees are planted, almost 800 papaya trees are growing and will deliver yields in autumn. The trees are supplied with water using a dripping system.

Further program points are about to be realized:

  • Vegetables (carrots, eggplants, onions, tomatoes, ...
  • Flowers
  • Nursery
  • Sheep breeding
  • Egg production / chickens
  • Honey production / bees
  • Cashew
  • ...

For guests who want to live and join the farm, there are currently two apartments available. Others are in planning.


They live together with Peter. His parents are originally from Guinea-Bissau, which used to be Portuguese. He is a very talented, dedicated and educated young man whose dream it has long been to convey the value of his country to his compatriots. Interesting conversations in the evening, the exchange of views on life in this country and there enrich and satisfy every visitor, as I always get to hear.


To personally find out what a farmer in West Africa has to fight on a daily basis is also very impressive and demands respect from us.


This exciting time will be planted deep in her heart.


Sehen Sie sich auch dieses Video an (Stand 02/2019)

For whom?

The time out in Gambia is ideal for people of all ages

  • to face important (life) decisions
  • have experienced a break and want to find or redefine themselves
  • just come down or get out of the everyday mill to slow down to inwardly
  • who would like to "breathe again" before a change of occupation or a new start to working life
  • recalibrate what is important to them
  • to balance their own problems with the existential problems of the Gambier, or
  • just want to stick their hands in the ground again and want to spend physically.



  • food and lodging on the farm excl. alk. beverages
  • airport transfer in Gambia
  • weekly excursions to the countryside


  • flight to Gambia

We are happy to help you with the flight booking. The flight from Germany costs bidirectional currently amount to about 550 EUR / person (as of 03/2019)

Costs and participants

Per person and week 475 EUR

For stays longer than four weeks, price on request.


Die Allgemeinen Geschäftsbedingungen (AGB)
finden Sie hier.

Interested? Then please write me a short mail. Just click on the adjacent button First, I only collect those who are interested. I then agree with them in detail.