Farm in Mamouda /The Gambia

What looked like an adventure in 2014 is reality today. The farm in Mamouda is now in a state that gives hope and makes further expansion possible.

See a little review here. 

Round trip in Spring 2018

n the spring of 2018 I was allowed to accompany two groups in Gambia. For all those who want to get an idea of what awaits them in The Gambia, I have put together a short video. (Each trip is of course unique!)

Sona Jobarteh - Gambia

To mark the 50th anniversary of Gambia's independence, Sona will present her debut music video.

I like it because it introduces this small country with many typical pictures.

Mango time in Gambia

June is the main harvest time for mangos. As with us on the orchard meadows the apples, so grow here the fully ripe mangoes. A treat for anyone who buys these fruits in this country expensive.

How to make a borehole

It would be so easy to make fertile farmland out of Barrens. A fence and a fountain would suffice. But for that the population lacks the money. The video shows how one day a 35 meter well is drilled.