About me

Since 2008, I travel to the Gambia two to three times a year as part of social projects. This country and its people grew very dear to me.


For some years now, I have been able to introduce my fellow travelers, who could possibly only imagine a hotel and beach stay, into the life of the Gambians. It is fascinating for me to see how the knowing feeling that we get instilled in the media turns into a perceived knowledge of my guests. Opinions and beliefs yield questions that seek answers.


In Gambia, people live on the verge of existence. Nevertheless, their hospitality and warmth of heart overwhelms. There I get the feeling of being more enriched inside than when I flew out of our so rich land. And there are questions: "What is better to master a hard life with a smile, or complain grudgingly about a life full of opportunities and abundance? What better way to live in today and share the moment with others, or tomorrow? to plan and to overlook in the here-and-now his fellow man? "

I would like to share these feelings and impressions with you.

Yours  Reinhold Hartmann