Round Trip - People, Life and Culture

With this trip, you immerse yourself deeply in the families, the way of life and the African culture. Away from intoxicating nature, you will be touched by the hearts of the Gambians. You will recognize Africa and its problems. But you will also appreciate the benefits of this lifestyle in the here and now. And you draw valuable conclusions and find obvious solutions for yourself.

The next travel dates
Summer - Time of Mangos
08. June - 17./21. June 2019
Autum - All is green and the ocean warm
25. October - 04./08. November 2019




Springtime - Escape the grey Winter time
17. January - 27./31. January 2020

Summer - Time of Mangos
12. Juni - 22./26. Juni 2020


Autum - All is green and the ocean warm
25. September - 05./09. Oktober 2020

Intercultural Experience

Rarely is a journey for people in responsibility so exciting, realistic and instructive. You become very sensitized and ask yourself several times, why is that like it is? Why  not like ours? But does it have to be that way?


After these 10 or 14 days, you have gained a wealth of answers and valuable insights. You will understand why people often act completely differently than you do. You will realize what it takes in addition to really tackle a jointly desired goal. And you will be able to confirm that communication has little to do with speech, but more with hearing.


Leadership needs understanding!


Our travel concept will immerse you deeply in the Gambian society. You will have many opportunities to deal with the African way of thinking and being interculturally. You will develop ideas in the context of a small project and examine its implementation very close to and with the people.


For some participants this trip will be a break, for others a fresh start, for most sure but a fine adjustment for what is really important to them.

Costs and participants


Ask for the actual offer.


Single travelers, couples, families in a small group of maximum 8 people

For whom

This journey, which is equivalent to intercultural training, is generally addressed to people who are responsible, who seek ground traction, who seek out the important and essential, who want to rediscover for themselves how primitive life works in modernity - that want to come down.


It is especially geared towards

  • Entrepreneurs and corporate It is especially geared towards (see also target group):
  • Entrepreneurs and corporate leaders
  • People with intercultural responsibility for solutions
  • Executives with international teams
  • Stress-afflicted or burnout-endangered managers who need a break
  • People who are looking for answers in the context of the migration discussion



  • Flight from a German airport to Banjul and back to your departure airport
  • overnight stay, breakfast, dinner
  • airport transfer in Gambia
  • rental costs for one vehicle incl. driver in Gambia
  • personal support by Reinhold Hartmann


  • drinks


Die Allgemeinen Geschäftsbedingungen (AGB) finden Sie hier.

Interested? Then please write me a short mail. Just click on the adjacent button First, I only collect those who are interested. I then agree with them in detail.