Come Down To The Gambia (Westafrika)

Our life has become very fast-paced. The work density is increasing. Much push and pull consumes you and you may have been wondering "what am I actually doing here?". Maybe you feel strained, restricted or over-regulated by the system, by the country, by the people. But maybe you just want a break, want to recalibrate your senses, broaden your horizons. But maybe they are just curious and interested in other cultures. No matter what your motive is, Gambia is the ideal place to reflect on what is really important to you as a person. I promise you, after this Gambia you will see much more relaxed and generous.

I promise you, after your stay in The Gambia you will see much more relaxed and generous.    

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Round Trip - People, life and culture

If you ask me why I lost my heart in The Gambia, it are the people. I experience a warmth there, which I generally do not find here in our country.

There, people manage their daily  life anew every day. They are survival artists. And they share the little they have with joy. On a roundtrip I will show you Gambia, the country, the life of the people and their culture. You will look at many things with completely different eyes and maybe even become humble when you compare their life and yours.

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Time out, sabbatical, recharging

Gambia is a rich country. The country has enough groundwater through the Gambia River. But because people can't afford no wells and no fencing, the land is broke.

I wanted to change that and decided in 2014, together with a Gambian friend, to develop a teaching farm.

In 2017 we welcomed the first visitors from Europe. Almost all were very impressed by the project, the idea and the energy of this place. Some spontaneously expressed how nice it would be to be able to take a break there once.

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Africa, the largest continent of our planet, still has something mystical for many of us, something that we can hardly grasp, yes, one or an other of us is even somewhat afraid. I had that too. Then I had read that we can encounter strangers on ourselves either by denial or by curiosity. Curiously, in 2008 I visited this "black continent" for the first time. I visited Gambia, the smallest and one of the poorest countries in Africa ..

Today I'm able say that my heart has been very richly gifted by these people living at subsistence for all these years. On the other hand, we are remarkably poor in our Europe, which is so rich. Comparing society here and there, the Gambians are much more tolerant, welcoming and open than we are to foreign guests or fellow citizens.

My stays in Gambia have shifted my priorities. I have rediscovered sides of myself that were buried by the hustle and bustle of my business life.


It is my desire to share with you the happiness that I am allowed to experience in Gambia.

Yours Reinhold Hartmann